Outlook started out as a small Queensland Baptist Church plant, officially launching on Anzac day 2010 with a desire to be a family friendly, contemporary church. We started off with a congregation of about 18 people & their families, and began meeting in Queensland's Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries building in Rockville, Toowoomba. After two years, we had outgrown this location and moved to where we meet currently, in the Callaghan Centre at St Saviour's College in Toowoomba South. This location has allowed us to grow and reach more people in the Toowoomba community, through ministries such as BASIC Youth. We would love for you to call Outlook home!

I was raised as a Christian right from childhood, but, in my late teens walked away from it all thinking I'd be right to venture off into life on my own. Well, I tried that for some time - for almost 20 years actually, and basically came to a point where I knew that I was missing 'something' in life, and decided I should get back on track again spiritually.  Finding a church was especially important to me too now I was a wife and mum.  For some years however I hesitated about finding a church thinking - my kids were too young to behave and sit quietly in church - I wasn't "Christian" enough -  my life was not "right" enough to be able to go to church.  I guess I was waiting for that perfect time when I would be "ready" to try it out again. What I didn't realise was that there is no perfect time to start going to church - God just takes you where you are at - and He takes care of the rest!

Eventually I decided that I should just start checking churches out anyway (even though I still didn't feel "ready") and looked around different places for a little while to find a new church home. I was wanting to find a church where I would "fit in" - one that my kids would love going to and one that would accept me "just as I am". At about the same time a friend told me about her new church, Outlook Christian Church, and invited me along.  So, I did!

I was impressed at how friendly and welcoming the people were - just warm and genuine, non judgmental people, most with families and young children - people who I could relate to. The environment is relaxed and stress free. I quickly found I didn't need to worry too much about the kids making noise during church - they just play happily with their toys and most other families have kids anyway so I didn't feel isolated. The kids love the games room where they can play the Wii while I am able to enjoy a cappuccino and morning tea after the service and chat with some great people

The style of worship is contemporary and fresh but not "over the top".  The music is uplifting and the sermons are practical and relevant and I always seem to find something in them for me.

Outlook has been my "church home" for more than a year now.  The kids love it too and look forward to church every Sunday.  I whole heartedly encourage you to check it out!