When you come to Outlook, you will find that our service is contemporary. We have a band that leads worship, with a beginners' section where people of any age who have not played for some time, or who are just beginning, can participate. Why not brush up that instrument playing that you used to enjoy or encourage your child to regularly perform in order to gain some experience?


At Outlook, you do not have to dress up or dress in any particular way to come to church - we would just love you to come! So don't worry about whether you have the right clothes - there are no "right" clothes.

Kids are always so welcome!

Kids are very much welcome. Parents, don't stress that your kid will mess up and embarrass you. They may be noisy and not sit still, but it doesn't need to embarrass you at Outlook because kids are an important part of our church family.

Children are included in the service. They enjoy the music and especially love watching the older children in the band. There are activities for the kids to keep them occupied while the talk is going on. You are also welcome to bring some food for them to eat during the service.

We have an activities area operating before and after the service for the kids to have a place to play while you catch up with friends!

We take up an offering during the service as our church is self-funded, mainly supported by those who call Outlook home. However, we give our guests the option not to give as the service is our gift to them!

Presentations are fast paced, engaging and connected to everyday life. They include video clips, kids talk and the pastor's talk for the day. These are relevant, practical, inspiring and transforming! 

There is morning tea after the service, with great coffee and plenty of good food to enjoy while you catch up with old friends and make new ones.

This is just to give you an idea of what to expect if you have never been to Outlook before. Hope it's a help!

See you soon!

Please note: our venue can be subject to change. Please check our social media (links down below) to confirm location.