In 2021, we met as a church community to pray and wait on God, through a process we called Abide, to see what His vision for our church over the next five years might be. 
After much prayer and conversation, we believe God has revealed to us what He wants for our church. God's vision for Outlook from 2022-2026 is:

"Right now, we’re focussed on building a culture of discipleship with strong foundations; a fully devoted family effectively reaching our communities."

Vision26 will seek to serve our mission and help us to become more effective in it. Our mission is:

"To help people in Toowoomba & beyond to become fully devoted followers of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit."

Vision26 has three key goals that we, with God's wisdom and guidance, aim to achieve by the end of 2026:

1. Building the Foundations

2. Fully Devoted Family

3. Effective Outreach

We have developed some resources for you to download, as found below. 

If you would like a copy of the Vision26 Strategic Plan, please email

Vision26 flyer