staff + leadership

Lead Pastor

  • brent van mourik

    Lead pastor

    Brent and his wife Jane have one son, Joshua. In his spare time Brent enjoys riding his motorbike, drinking good coffee, and attempting to play golf. Before coming to Outlook, Brent served as Associate Pastor at South Toowoomba Baptist Church, and was the Queensland Church Relationship Manager at Baptist World Aid


  • Lindsay Webber

    Board Chairman

    Lindsay and his wife Sarah have 4 kids and have been attending Outlook since 2010. He works in environmental management and enjoys playing most sports (except golf), riding his motorbike and drinking good coffee. Favourite quote:  "Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial." C.H. Spurgeon. 

  • michelle Melia


    Michelle has two adult children, Josh and Jemma and a naughty Beagle, Ziggy. She is a Special Needs teacher at Fairview Heights Primary school and enjoys the rewards and challenges that come with this role. She REALLY enjoys the holidays however and feels she could do them professionally if someone would pay her. In her spare time she loves to read, walk walked by her dog and go to the gym.

  • SAM VAN tricht

    board MEmber

    Sam and his wife Bek have one son, Jethro, and have been attending Outlook since 2017. He works as an accountant (yes, he can do your taxes), loves travel and missionary work and is passionate about helping men grow into their biblical roles.

Staff + leadership

  • Madonna yates


    Madonna's role is to provide administrative support to the lead pastor and the

    ministries of the church. Madonna came to Outlook Christian Church in September 2017 to take care of her two nieces and two nephews after spending 15 years working in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission (now Crossview Australia). She a continues to work on the Patpatar Bible translation as time permits and volunteers teaching English to a refugee lady every week. 

  • Liam carelse

    Creative Director

    Liam has been attending Outlook Christian Church since 2012 with his family. He is passionate about seeing creative skills and abilities to help build up the kingdom of God. He overseas the worship and production teams as well as the visual media of Outlook.

  • Phoebe White

    kids time coordinator

    Phoebe has been attending Outlook Christian Church with her family since March 2017. Making the decision to follow Jesus at the young age of seven, she understands the importance of growing kids up in the faith. She has found a passion for teaching children God’s Word. This ministry focuses on helping children love God and His Word and enjoy being a part of church.

  • jane van mourik

    life group coordinator

    Jane is the wife of Brent and mother of Joshua. She spends her days feeding her family and wiping many things. Is there any other joy in life? She enjoys tea, chats and laughing too loudly. Jane is passionate about fostering a sense of community within the church - hoping all who come to Outlook may find a village in which they belong.

  • Michael cox

    Production coordinator + facilities manager

    Michael has been attending Outlook Christian Church with his wife and two children since 2011. He has been involved in ministry for many of those years.
    He has a passion to help usher people into the presence of God with the use of great worship music, a clear spoken word and powerful visual aids. As sound and data coordinator he works closely with other volunteers and the worship team to make Sunday mornings an enjoyable and God connected experience.

  • Gerard Baker


    Gerard Baker, and wife Veronica, have been members of Outlook Christian Church since its inception in 2010. Gerard is the Treasurer for the church; he also edits the weekly newsletter. Gerard is retired. He is actually a New Zealander, with a Brethren church background. He holds a post-graduate degree in General Management, and also a Diploma in Missiology from the Australian College of Theology. Gerard and Veronica and their, now, two grown-up children, are well-travelled; they have lived in seven countries and visited fifty-plus countries.

  • Louisa loader & Ethan Carelse

    young adults COORDINATORs

    Ethan has been attending Outlook Christian Church with his family since 2012 and Louisa has been attending since 2018. They work together to coordinate Outlook’s Young Adult ministry through Bible studies, social events and community outreach opportunities. Their hope is to create a community of fully devoted followers of Christ.



    Stanley & Genevive Loader are our enthusiastic youth coordinators of BASIC Youth. The married couple has three girls. The family loves hiking & the great outdoors.