Board (Overseers)

  • Dean Carelse

    Board Chairman

    Dean and his wife have two sons and one daughter and is a high school teacher. Dean loves to hike and experience the great outdoors. He also leads the Mens Life Group, and serves on the coffee team and setup and pack up team.

  • Warren Jeffery

    board Secretary

    Warren and his wife Allison have three children, two boys and a girl. He enjoys camping with his family and catching up with friends at the movies. Warren is an accountant who was born and raised in a small country town. 

  • Paul Newell

    board MEmber

    Paul has five children, 2 girls and 3 boys, and is married to Rachel. He enjoys spending time with the family and tending to fruit trees, veggie garden and chooks in the backyard. Paul is a Plant Breeder who was raised on a farm and has a thirst for providing farming communities with improved seed products.

  • John Merriweather

    Lead Pastor

    John is married to Janine and has three adult sons, three grandchildren and a dog. He enjoys fishing in his tinny and working in his garden. In the past he studied agricultural science, worked for a stock feed company, then studied theology. He has been the pastor of a number of churches in Queensland and Victoria. He is also an instructor for 'Walk thru the Bible'.




    Christine joined the Outlook Team in April 2017. Christine was born and brought up in Kenya but has lived in Australia for nearly 19 years. Christine is married to Ash and together they have two daughters and a son. Born again at the age of 12, Christine has grown to be passionate about prayer warfare - joining fellow intercessors in Toowoomba Region. She has also taught Religious Instruction (RI) at a local primary school. 

  • Carrys Cruz

    WOrship coordinator

    Carrys joined Outlook and became a member of the praise and worship team in 2010. He has been playing various instruments, specifically the acoustic guitar, which he has been playing for a number of years. He is passionate about continuously learning how to use his gifts in music to serve God and glorify His name. Through his music ministry, he hopes to inspire and encourage others to do the same.



    Stanley & Genevive Loader are our enthusiastic youth coordinators of BASIC Youth. The married couple has three girls. The family loves hiking & the great outdoors.

  • Michael cox

    Sound & data coordinator

    Michael has been attending Outlook Christian Church with his Wife and two children since 2011. He has been involved in ministry for many of those years.
    He has a passion to help usher people into the presence of God with the use of great worship Music, a clear spoken word and powerful visual aids. As Sound and data coordinator he works closely with other volunteers and the Worship team to make Sunday Mornings an enjoyable and God connected experience.

  • Gerard Baker


    Gerard and his wife Veronica are the parents of two adult children, who live out of town for university. In his spare time, Gerard love to cycle, even to Darwin from Toowoomba! He is a valued part of our team,

  • Phoebe White

    kids time coordinator

    Phoebe has been attending Outlook Christian Church with her family since March 2017. Making the decision to follow Jesus at the young age of seven, she understands the importance of growing kids up in the faith. She has found a passion for teaching children God’s Word. This ministry focuses on helping children love God and His Word and enjoy being a part of church.