Outlook Play Time is a play group for parents and carers with children from birth to school age. Anyone is welcome to join us whenever you’ve got some time and are looking for company. It’s a place for parents and carers to come and find support, friendship and maybe some fun ideas for play time at home! 

Play Time meets each Monday at 9:30AM during the school term at Queen's Park Sensory Playground off Lindsay Street.

If you would like more information about Play Time, email hello@outlookcc.com.au.

Play Time Facebook Group



    Originally from the USA, Jandee settled in Australia almost 10 years ago after meeting and marrying Nick in 10 months. There’s a story there! A Bachelor of Psychology, a recent move to Toowoomba and three super cute kids later, Jandee finds it her absolute joy to be at home with them during this season. When you are in the thick of nap times and nappy changes, parenting can be an isolating experience. But, believing in the power of community, Jandee is passionate about providing a safe space for parents to gather and do life together.